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~ 5 films to end your summer in style

Blazing sun and timeless style. Discover FYU PARIS’ 5 iconic films for a sweet and nostalgic final dose of summer. 


Johnny Marco is leading a shallow life at the Hotel du Château Marmont where he is promoting his movie. One morning, his 11 year old daughter, Cleo, arrives. Boredom and superficiality soon gives way to joy which will go on to brighten his days. In her 4th feature film, Sofia Coppola brings to life the sad nostalgia of Hollywood with minimal effort, like a personal echo of her own adolescence alongside her father Francis Ford Coppola who himself stayed at this legendary hotel. Between nocturnal sprees and weariness, she films the daily life of Hollywood stars. The soundtrack is by the amazing French band, Phoenix. 


 Elio, a teenage boy of 17, is spending his summer vacation in his parents’ villa in the north of Italy. His daily life is turned upside down when Oliver arrives, a PHD student of 24 who is helping Elio’s dad with his research. This film is the birth of a love story between two boys who keep discovering and seeking each other out throughout the whole movie. A sun-filled tale, that is both poetic and sensitive. This film immerses us in the 80s, thanks to the sumptuous decor, and the references to Italian cinema of the time. The atmosphere is permeated by the quality of the artistic direction and Guadagnino’s choice to shoot his film in 35mm rather than digital. 


In the 50s, a penniless young man, Tom Ripley, goes to great lengths to attract the attention of a rich American, Herbert Greenleaf. He enlists Tom to bring back his son, Dickie, to the U.S. The vain and frivolous Dickie fled family pressure to spend some “extended” vacations in Italy, financed by his father, with his fiancée Marge (Gwyneth Paltrow). Tom Ripley, who never had a good life, discovers another world between idleness and jazz clubs. He befriends Dickie and gradually falls in love with him, with Dickie’s frivolous personality lending hope to Tom’s duplicitous existance.


A swimming pool. Saint-Tropez, 1969. A couple spend quiet days in their villa until Marianne’s lover moves in with them. Happy days will give way to jealousy and rivalry. Cut off from the outside world, this scorching thriller is a cult movie where the duo (Romy Schneider / Alain Delon), in both public and private life, raise the temperature a notch. It is also in this iconic film that a young English actress, Jane Birkin, makes her debut.


Charlotte, thirteen years old, just finished her school year. Summer vacation begins. She devotes her unfailing adoration to Clara Bauman, a prodigy and gifted pianist who is the same age as her. This movie gently illustrates the torments of adolescence, female friendships and first, tentative flirtations. Complete with a sulky pout and casual air, we observe the breakthrough of a promising actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg. As a worthy heiress of her father, she imposes her androgynous style, proudly wearing her 501 jeans and sailor T-shirt.

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