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Quality over quantity this Christmas

“Ditch fast fashion this Christmas and opt for a stylish design that will stand the test of time. Gone are the days of over consumption. We’ve simply had enough of it.”


Clementine Fenton Yon, creative director at FYU PARIS explains why we should be shopping more sensibly than ever. 

Made to last 

We are proud to produce over 80% of our pieces in France. Not least because this gives us control and visibility over our supply chain, but it also helps us to support French artisans who need it more than ever. It’s not easy to find suppliers who are prepared to produce such limited quantities, but we carefully select our partners to ensure the utmost quality for you.

Limited edition, every edition

No more than 20 pieces exist for each reference in our AW22 collection. Smaller production = more unique designs for our clients, plus a smaller carbon footprint and less waste for us. You’ll also find that the majority of our pieces are hybrid staples that can be worn all year round. Seasonal fashion is thankfully becoming a thing of the past. 

Transparent, responsible 

We love sharing the provenance of each garment, because we believe so strongly in what we’re doing. As a general rule, we use natural fabrics as they are more biodegradable than their synthetic counterparts. You can read all about it in the product descriptions on our website, but in a nutshell :

Shirts ~ Made in France

Jackets ~ Made in France

Knitwear ~ Made in Italy 

Knitwear accessories ~ Made in Belgium

Trousers ~ Made in Bulgaria 

Baseball caps ~ Made in Poland 


Now available to shop in boutique 

We’re very excited to present our collections in-boutique this winter! Discover our pop-up stores, in Paris, London and Lille until 31st December. Come in, try on, fall in love!



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