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Motion design ~ an art form accessible to everyone

Art is at the center of our vision at FYU PARIS, it is part of what drives us daily: - art culture people.

What I love most about art is that it is everywhere, in every possible and unimaginable form. Everyone has their own vision of a work of art, it is something subjective, which is very fortunate. For my part, being in my second year of a master's degree in communication, I have developed a passion for art in a digital form. New technologies mean that we have dozens of software and tools at our disposal, allowing us to channel the artist within. These days, it is almost enough to have a smartphone in order to be able to make art. 

When I talk about digital art, I am referring to illustrations created on tablets or computers. At FYU PARIS, we like to highlight artists who inspire us, and more recently, we have been delving into the world of digital illustration.

Now let's talk about a digital art form that I am particularly passionate about: motion design. It's a scary term, but who says you can't do motion design even if you have no experience? 

All you need is motivation and patience... lots of patience.

Don't be surprised if you spend hours for a few seconds on the final result.

But what is motion design? Just separate the two notions in the title: design, in motion. Motion design is, for example, content that jumps out at us when we scroll on our phone, it's what makes us stay on one video rather than another. There are, of course, many styles of motion design, many degrees of difficulty in doing it, but that doesn't mean you can't do it.

We live in a world where everything is available to us at the click of a button, we need to translate a text, we need to buy a shirt, we need to know how to edit a video, everything is available to us on the internet.

As far as content creation is concerned, there are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube to get you started. 

In my opinion, motion design is becoming a necessity for internet content, it adds real value to the video and above all, dynamism, something that human beings require more than ever in this society.

I will leave you to discover the incredible world of motion design and video animation in your own time. But trust me, if you love creation, you will love this mode of doing so.

And if you are curious, feel free to discover my very first motion design creation here : 

My motion design project

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