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~ interview with Tilde Grynnerup

Why this interest in wooden sculptures?

I grew up with a carpenter dad, so the smell of sawdust and the wood workshop magic is almost a part of my DNA. It feels very natural for me to work with wood, and of course it helps that my now retired dad teaches me all I need to know about it. Working with abstract shapes and exploring color is a creative outlet for me. It makes me happy.

And you also create textile pieces - tell us a bit about that?

I'm educated in textiles. I studied embroidery for three years, and worked in textiles and design for more than ten years. I can get quite nerdy when it comes to textiles, I just love the history and texture of it. I can express different feelings with my textile pieces than with the wooden pieces. The softness is a perfect balance to the hard wood.

What are the fashion pieces that have always been with you, or have been important to you?

Jeans, I guess. And always something red, and something sparkly. I can get quite attached to certain garments, if it represents a particular memory in my life. Then I keep it for years, even if I never wear it.

In what moments do you feel the most ‘you’?

It’s impossible to answer, because I am the most me when I'm being a mother to my son, when im creating something with my hands, when I'm laughing with my husband, when I'm talking to my mom, when I'm in the wood workshop with my dad, and when I'm all alone with my thoughts.

One ‘luxury’ or particular thing you can’t live without?

Having coffee with my friends.

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