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~ Interview with Anastasia Kolesnichenko

1. Anastasia, what would you like our readers to know about you?

I believe that we live in a material world, and I am here to give this material world a voice. My passion is to translate senses into objects and to create sculptures based on them.

2. What do you like to do most in life besides your art?

My art is always connected with what I love to do. Most of all in life, I like to walk and to be with people. When I walk, I learn more about the world around. I am looking for intersections of rhythms. I like to watch serene things: how flowers grow, how the wind sways the leaves. When I spend time with people — I like to have a conversation. Sometimes during a conversation, people may say interesting things, which are then reflected in my sculptures.

3. Where did your passion for still life photography come from?

My passion comes from love to nature. I love everything that grows, blooms and exists no matter what. Also, I am inspired by love for everything human, I like to see life around and transform this experience.

4. You tell personal stories through your art - would you be willing to share a short one with us?

I have a picture called «Sunbathing». When I created this picture, I was in an art residency in Spain. It was a sunny day, I was walking and passing through cafés. Many people were sitting on the street and no one was sitting in the shade, everyone was basking in the sun. This moment was full of pleasure. I felt it and saw that others feel it too. So, I decided to remember that feeling and when I came back to my studio — this feeling was translated into a still life.

5. If you had one magic wish, what would it be?

I wish to be able to turn into anything and look at the world through the eyes of what I have become. For example, to turn into a bird — so I could fly and feel the wind on my wings. Or into a flower, I would like to see how they see and feel the world.

Discover more of Anastasia’s work via her Instagram : @vaasialis

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